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Januar 2003

ERPANET Training Seminar: Policies for Digital Preservation
Includes a seminar report.
Vom 29.01.2003 bis 30.01.2003 in Fontainebleau, Paris

März 2003

NARA : 18th Annual Preservation Conference : Preservation Reformatting : Digital Technology vs. Analog Technology
Archivierung und Erhaltung — Digitalisierung
Contains links to conference proceedings. These papers all tend to debate the choices associated with making digital copies of analogue materials and relate the difficulties associated with maintaining the digital duplicates.
Am 27.03.2003 in National Archives at College Park, Maryland

April 2003

Practical Experiences in Digital Preservation
Includes conference proceedings in audio format and ppt, keynote speech given by Ms Rosie Winterton, MP and Parliamentary Secretary along with the conference report and photographs.
Vom 02.04.2003 bis 04.04.2003 in Public Record Office, Kew

Mai 2003

Twelfth International World Wide Web Conference
Includes conference proceedings
Vom 20.05.2003 bis 24.05.2003 in Budapest Convention Centre, Budapest

ETD 2003 - Next Steps: Electronic Thesis and Dissertations Worldwide - Sixth International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations
Vom 21.05.2003 bis 24.05.2003 in Humboldt-Universität, Berlin

Juni 2003

404 Object Not Found : What Remains of Media Art?
International congress concerning the production, presentation and preservation of media art. Includes links to presentations.
Vom 19.06.2003 bis 22.06.2003 in Dortmund

ELPUB 2003 - ICCC/IFIP 7th International Conference on Electronic Publishing: From Information to Knowledge
Includes conference papers
Vom 25.06.2003 bis 28.06.2003 in University of Minho, Guimarces

August 2003

3rd ECDL Workshop on Web Archives : in Conjunction with the 7th European Conference on Research and Advanced Technologies for Digital Libraries (ECDL 2003)
An overview, programme and links to presentations given at the Workshop. The full Workshop proceedings are available as a PDF file. Individual papers available in word format from the website include- Nordic Web Archive by Þorsteinn ...
Am 21.08.2003 in Trondheim, Norway

September 2003

CIDOC/ADIT 2003 - Electronic Potential of a Museum: Stimuli and Restrictions, Achievements and Problems
Am 05.09.2003

Changing Images : the Role of Photographic Collections in a Digital Age : an International SEPIA Conference
Links to Powerpoint presentations are available -
Vom 18.09.2003 bis 20.09.2003 in Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, Finland

DC 2003 : Dublin Core 2003 : Supporting Communities of Discourse and Practice : Metadata Research and Applications
Langzeitarchivierung allgemein — Metadaten
Contains links to full text papers.
Vom 28.09.2003 bis 02.10.2003 in Seattle, Washington

Oktober 2003

Future of Digital Memory and Cultural Heritage : Futuro delle Memorie Digitali e Patrimonio Culturale
Vom 16.10.2003 bis 17.10.2003 in Palazzo Vecchio and Teatro della Pergola, Florence

November 2003

Langzeitarchivierung digitaler Objekte (Workshop)
Langzeitarchivierung allgemein — Archivierung und Erhaltung — Nationale Aktivitäten, Programme
Workshop des nestor Projektes auf der 7. InetBib-Tagung am 12. November 2003 in Frankfurt am Main.


Elena Balzardi (Schweizerische Landesbibliothek): e-Helvetica : Kooperationen in der Schweiz
Silke Schomburg/Anette Seiler ...
Am 12.11.2003 in Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland
nestor spezifisch

7. InetBib-Tagung
Langzeitarchivierung allgemein — Spezielle Themen — Archivierung und Erhaltung — Digitale Bibliothek
Während dieser Jahrestagung der Inetbib Mailingliste hat es u.a. eine Sitzung zum Thema 'Langzeitarchivierung digitaler Objekte' gegeben, an der sich auch das nestor Projekt beteiligt hat.
Vom 12.11.2003 bis 14.11.2003 in Frankfurt, Deutschland

Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei/ERPANET Workshop on Trusted Digital Repositories for Cultural Digital Heritage
Archivierung und Erhaltung
Final report of the workshop- Trusted digital repositories for cultural heritage is available from the ERPANET website.
Vom 17.11.2003 bis 19.11.2003 in Accademia Nazionale Dei Lincei, Rome

AMIA Annual Conference 2003
Includes sessions on data migration and authenticity.
Vom 18.11.2003 bis 22.11.2003 in Vancouver, British Columbia